Product lines

The flexible, coaxial thermocouple with low bending radius and
lenghts from 150 up to 3000mm.

The coaxial thermocouple with copper outside tube and magnet
unit threaded nut.

The single wire thermocouple with fast-on connector or threaded
nut for magnet unit junction.

The double wire thermocouple can be provided either with fast-on connectors, or joined to a nut for coupling with valve thread, or provided with a threaded nut on one pole and a fast-on on the other one, or else, with a coaxial fast-on connector.

The coaxial, interrupted thermocouple allow mounting a series of
other safety devices, such as timer, thermostat, tilt switch into
the thermoelectric system.

The coaxial extention with threaded nut and suitable threaded bolt.

All thermocouples will be manufactured to custum requirements!