For already a long time, our flexible SECUROFLEX®-thermocouples for maintenance and repair of gas fired appliances with flame failure device are very popular. Together with the thermocouples-service-box and the service plan is a professional full service system available now. The service box is a very extensive stock of spare parts for use on the road. Basic thermocouples and are additional parts are clearly arranged and placed. Useful tools and control tools are always on hand. The service plan is a comprehensive guide to the bewildering array of thermocouples arranged and quickly made transparent. With illustrations in scale, he answered question about size, shape and reconstruction. The maintenance-specialist can quickly complete a basis-thermocouple with the additional parts to the needed one. For entry into the service system, is presented here the basic equipment. The user familirizes fast with the wide range of system options in the practical use. It will also point out that the service system provides more than the "Universal thermocouple". All system components now come from one supplier and are separately available. This will facilitate the procurement of essential spare parts.

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